Touch Typing in 2017: Why I’m a Strong Advocate for Students Learning It

Originally published on LinkedIn “Cursive writing…what is that?” The sarcastic, rhetorical question prompted when the subject of learning cursive writing is brought up. Once a never ending argument about how typing is far more efficient. This would be a conversation held back in 1995. Enter irony. “Touch typing…what is that?” Today in 2017, this can […]

Dependence on Technology: Are Humans the New Handicap Dummies?

In some instances, I’m grateful for the technology we have. Technology is great for simplifying processes and creating systems as answers to problems. But I started thinking; when it takes humans out the equation, we have a problem. Technological Dependency: Food Journaling Hack     *Listen to the audio version of this blog while reading […]

A Christian Testimony: How Similac Reminded Me that Money Isn’t Everything…God Is

*You can listen to the audio version of this post by pressing play on this audio track. What an opportune time to give a Christian testimony away from my usual musings of writing, web design and development! I am always excited to share my experiences with the gospel and how real God is in […]

How to Keep a Food Journal Easily on Your iPhone

How to keep a food journal has been an off and on relationship–it just wasn’t easy. Beginning in 2012, I involuntarily embarked on a weight gain ascension. It wasn’t something I desired to do…it slowly happened without my attention. Blame it on my first year of marriage, early stress, whatever variable. Bottom line: I was […]

Motivation: How to Be a Productive Writer Without It

To listen to the audio of this blog while reading, click the play button below   I know, I know, I know…what we have here is another “how to” blog post about, well, how to do something. But before we dive into the meat, let me provide you the opportunity to learn another beneficial […]

5 Reasons Why Web Designers and Developers will Never Go Out of Business

        Hmm…Reasons why web professionals will never go out of business…(rubbing my goatee ever so gently as I’m deep in thought)   There is this common misconception among commoners who are uncommon to our profession of web design. Allow me to elaborate on this misconception through a conversation I had with my […]

5 Freelance Web Designers Frustrations [Infographic]

Freelance web designers…why is our job so trivial at times? Agh! If it were only as easy as baking an apple pie without the recipe. Alas, freelancing has its ups and downs, but probably more downs than ups. Freelance web designers are pure and intentional at heart. We desire to make the internet a better […]

5 Reasons Front End Developers Use WordPress

Front End Developers use WordPress. Period with a capital P. Though WordPress knows no bounds–it can be exciting and scary all simultaneously for a first time user–it truly gets easier the longer you live with it. I say this because I am speaking from experience; see WordPress: My Love Letter to You for my chemical […]

English Majors as Web Developers-Can We Do This?

English Majors as Web Developers…can we do this? I will start off by answering my own question with an emphatic yes. I majored in English and developed strong analytical skills from reading dense and complex text while also being able to connect subtle clues to paint a bigger pic manifesting new ideas. Now, that is […]

Teachers for Dinner: A Story Good for Brains

“Gushy.” Mr. Malcolm thought to himself as his canines pierced the epidermis of Mrs. Kablowski, his annoyance of a colleague in the English Department. “Polish people…polish sausage.” Mr. Malcolm retained all his mental faculties as the disease–given to him from his wife as the result of a sneeze–continued to domesticate anatomically. Surely such a simple […]