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Critiquing Versus Hating: What’s the Difference?

*This video is originally targeted towards how and why teachers should teach their students the difference between hating and critiquing, but honestly this can benefit anyone in education or employment. People learning the difference between hating and critiquing is critical in our day and time. From my observation, there’s this buzzword “trolling” that’s used to […]

A Christian Testimony: How Similac Reminded Me that Money Isn’t Everything…God Is

*You can listen to the audio version of this post by pressing play on this audio track. What an opportune time to give a Christian testimony away from my usual musings of writing, web design and development! I am always excited to share my experiences with the gospel and how real God is in […]

How to Keep a Food Journal Easily on Your iPhone

How to keep a food journal has been an off and on relationship–it just wasn’t easy. Beginning in 2012, I involuntarily embarked on a weight gain ascension. It wasn’t something I desired to do…it slowly happened without my attention. Blame it on my first year of marriage, early stress, whatever variable. Bottom line: I was […]

Christian Life: Is It Boring?

  *For full experience, listen to the audio of the blog as you read!   I avoided Christian life. Like the plague. I actually thought that Christianity was a life of prudism: locked up in the bell tower of a cathedral praying and chanting all day, everyday; and wearing dull clothes as in plaid […]