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Empowering the English Majors: You Are Not Useless!

*This is a transcript of the video converted as a textual blog post. All written transcript will not follow the video exactly. Inspired by Dear English Major, this information is to uplift, motivate, educate, and empower English Majors. I really, REALLY want to speak to my fellow English majors. We live in a society that’s […]

Motivation: How to Be a Productive Writer Without It

To listen to the audio of this blog while reading, click the play button below   I know, I know, I know…what we have here is another “how to” blog post about, well, how to do something. But before we dive into the meat, let me provide you the opportunity to learn another beneficial […]

Teachers for Dinner: A Story Good for Brains

“Gushy.” Mr. Malcolm thought to himself as his canines pierced the epidermis of Mrs. Kablowski, his annoyance of a colleague in the English Department. “Polish people…polish sausage.” Mr. Malcolm retained all his mental faculties as the disease–given to him from his wife as the result of a sneeze–continued to domesticate anatomically. Surely such a simple […]

Outkast Aquemini: A Classic Hallmark for Seasonal Change

  *For a full experience, listen to the audio while reading this post!   Back in 2013, I became inspired to do something extraordinary for my wife.  When I decide to give my wife gifts, I strive (though not all the time) to really think outside the box.  During the month of November, I […]