How to keep a food journal has been an off and on relationship–it just wasn’t easy. Beginning in 2012, I involuntarily embarked on a weight gain ascension. It wasn’t something I desired to do…it slowly happened without my attention. Blame it on my first year of marriage, early stress, whatever variable. Bottom line: I was getting fatter and I. Did. Not. Like. It.

I would exercise like a mad man some weeks, killing myself with cardio and aerobic exercises. But I learned that the problem didn’t lie in the exercise. The sad reality is that I did not take responsibility for what I ate or how I ate. I really, REALLY wanted to be one of those cocky athletes who bragged about “out exercising what they consumed.” I wanted to be part of that fraternity; eating what I want and still keep it off.

Well, I’m in my thirties and it just doesn’t work. Especially now since exercise is less of a priority for me when compared to food and sleep. But I always had a bad relationship with food longing for this magical existence with it.

How to Keep a Food Journal: A Lack of Commitment

I listened to many fitness Youtubers about monitoring their meals and one thing was unanimous: you have to track what you eat. While videos emphasize how to prepare meals, none really show you the journal recording process.

My first entrance into the foray was simply looking at every single piece of food that entered my mouth and writing it down on paper. I kept a pocket notebook or even standard spiral everywhere I went. That lasted for two weeks.

Problem with that lied in writing every single detail down from the ounces of liquid to what condiments went into every burger I ate. Also just the thought of carrying around a notebook. That sucked.

Then I thought, “Hey! Why don’t I just do this on my phone! I mean it’s already with me everywhere I go!!!” I soon when to my notes on my phone and the problem was the same…just electronically. I then started to take pictures, but that soon ballooned the storage space on my phone.

“There has got to be a quick and easy way on how to keep a food journal,” I cried. And God heard me.

9 Steps to Recording Your Food and Saving Phone Storage Space in the Process

Here in 9 steps, I give a visual on how I was blessed with an idea to marry the effort of taking pictures to iNotes without accumulating excessive mega and giga bytes under your settings.

* All buttons that need to be pressed in the pictures are circled in red.

Step One

step one open iNote how to keep a food journal
Simply open the iNotes app on your phone. Mines is under a “Utilities” category I created. Find where yours is located.

Step Two

step two open a new note how to keep a food journal
Open a new note in the app. Name it whatever you want, but remember you are setting up a single note to record an entire day of eating.

Step Three

step three open the phone icon how to keep a food journal
Touch the “x” icon then the “camera” icon to prepare to take a photo.

Step Four

step four take a picture how to keep a food journal
Touch the “Take a Photo or Video” button.

Step Five

step five use the photo how to keep a food journal
Take a pic of what your eating.

Step Six

step six add a time and description caption how to keep a food journal
Add a caption of when and what your are eating (ex: 4:39pm barbecue chicken and rice bowl).

Step Seven

step seven click the sent to icon how to keep a food journal
Touch the send to icon (looks like a box and up arrow) to send to the mailbox.

Step Eight

step eight open the email app how to keep a food journal
Open the e-mail app

Step Nine

step nine email note to your account how to keep a food journal
Simply e-mail your entire note at the end of the day to your e-mail account. Voila! This is how to keep a food journal!

Other things to consider: You want to make sure you e-mail your note once you are done eating for the day. I usually do mine the next day because I have been none to indulge in some late night snacking. If e-mailing doesn’t work, send it to your Google Drive. In my e-mail account, I organize these logs with the Google labels.

I hope this helps! Share this with anyone who is struggling to stay committed to keeping a food journal. Or just share it with everyone. Subscribe to my blog for other interesting articles. Thanks for reading.

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