English Majors as Web Developers-Can We Do This?

English Majors as Web Developers…can we do this? I will start off by answering my own question with an emphatic yes. I majored in English and developed strong analytical skills from reading dense and complex text while also being able to connect subtle clues to paint a bigger pic manifesting new ideas. Now, that is […]

Teachers for Dinner: A Story Good for Brains

“Gushy.” Mr. Malcolm thought to himself as his canines pierced the epidermis of Mrs. Kablowski, his annoyance of a colleague in the English Department. “Polish people…polish sausage.” Mr. Malcolm retained all his mental faculties as the disease–given to him from his wife as the result of a sneeze–continued to domesticate anatomically. Surely such a simple […]

Outkast Aquemini: A Classic Hallmark for Seasonal Change

  *For a full experience, listen to the audio while reading this post! http://www.deshaunjohnson.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/outkast-aquemini-hallmark-of-a-classic-album-deshaun-johnson-audio-blog.mp3   Back in 2013, I became inspired to do something extraordinary for my wife.  When I decide to give my wife gifts, I strive (though not all the time) to really think outside the box.  During the month of November, I […]

Christian Life: Is It Boring?

  *For full experience, listen to the audio of the blog as you read!  http://www.deshaunjohnson.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/is-christian-life-boring-deshaun-johnson-audio-blog.mp3   I avoided Christian life. Like the plague. I actually thought that Christianity was a life of prudism: locked up in the bell tower of a cathedral praying and chanting all day, everyday; and wearing dull clothes as in plaid […]