5 Freelance Web Designers Frustrations [Infographic]

Freelance web designers…why is our job so trivial at times? Agh! If it were only as easy as baking an apple pie without the recipe. Alas, freelancing has its ups and downs, but probably more downs than ups. Freelance web designers are pure and intentional at heart. We desire to make the internet a better […]

5 Reasons Front End Developers Use WordPress

Front End Developers use WordPress. Period with a capital P. Though WordPress knows no bounds–it can be exciting and scary all simultaneously for a first time user–it truly gets easier the longer you live with it. I say this because I am speaking from experience; see WordPress: My Love Letter to You for my chemical […]

English Majors as Web Developers-Can We Do This?

English Majors as Web Developers…can we do this? I will start off by answering my own question with an emphatic yes. I majored in English and developed strong analytical skills from reading dense and complex text while also being able to connect subtle clues to paint a bigger pic manifesting new ideas. Now, that is […]

Teachers for Dinner: A Story Good for Brains

“Gushy.” Mr. Malcolm thought to himself as his canines pierced the epidermis of Mrs. Kablowski, his annoyance of a colleague in the English Department. “Polish people…polish sausage.” Mr. Malcolm retained all his mental faculties as the disease–given to him from his wife as the result of a sneeze–continued to domesticate anatomically. Surely such a simple […]

Outkast Aquemini: A Classic Hallmark for Seasonal Change

  *For a full experience, listen to the audio while reading this post! http://www.deshaunjohnson.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/outkast-aquemini-hallmark-of-a-classic-album-deshaun-johnson-audio-blog.mp3   Back in 2013, I became inspired to do something extraordinary for my wife.  When I decide to give my wife gifts, I strive (though not all the time) to really think outside the box.  During the month of November, I […]

Christian Life: Is It Boring?

  *For full experience, listen to the audio of the blog as you read!  http://www.deshaunjohnson.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/is-christian-life-boring-deshaun-johnson-audio-blog.mp3   I avoided Christian life. Like the plague. I actually thought that Christianity was a life of prudism: locked up in the bell tower of a cathedral praying and chanting all day, everyday; and wearing dull clothes as in plaid […]