English Majors as Web Developers…can we do this?

english majors as web developers

I will start off by answering my own question with an emphatic yes. I majored in English and developed strong analytical skills from reading dense and complex text while also being able to connect subtle clues to paint a bigger pic manifesting new ideas.

Now, that is a mouthful! But the question is how do these skills translate into becoming great at web development? Before I got into web development, I had this big misconception that programming web languages looked something like this:

4x/c – r2*r1 =

<p>what does this formula have to do with writing code?</p>

Of course this would look scary to the uninitiated in mathematics (which common society constantly cheer leads and swears that a good mathematician will be a god in programming), but once I took that first step, I experienced that this is really not all that bad. When I was in school, reading heavy pieces of literature that challenged students to ask interesting questions to create new ideas became almost second nature. When you read enough, you almost transcend reading itself…you start the process of meta cognition which I believe is defined as “thinking about thinking.” If I’m wrong on that, then please correct me as fast as possible.

With that said, information that appears overwhelming is a much welcomed challenge and lights up the brain for the literary initiated. What many outsiders do not understand is that there is a lot of “creative logic” floating around in the literary arts. And programming is a lot of creative logic. As in reading challenging material, there are multiple ways to reach a conclusion to birth tons, and tons, and tons of light bulb moments. And similarly to mathematics, there is more often than not one way to solve a problem.

English Majors as Web Developers will find web development similar to their English Studies. Learning languages such as the classic three, HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript is like Chaucer in computer code. Literature defines a space on human behavior as the same with the languages in defining how a web application is suppose to look and function.

If you are a budding English Major considering a 1st or 2nd career (web dev was a second pursuit for me), then don’t fret. I would highly encourage it because arranging html tags (

<p>I love writing</p>
<button onClick=”submitThis”>Submit your awesome quote</button>

) is equally rewarding as arranging verbs and adjectives to say, “If you love writing so much bright, brash English Major, then attack every avenue with full gusto!”

By the way, that piece of code looks like this:


I love writing


So, English Majors as Web Developers will become common in a STEM saturated environment. We will plague every profession rejecting us, whom have said “numbers are more important than words.” Our character demonstrates that we are the master of characters. As you can see, I love both. We are the masters of learning about learning and can do whatever we want 🙂

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